Looking for an authentic Vietnamese meal? Viet Pho has been serving healthy and authentic Vietnamese cuisine for over seven years. Each entrée is made‐to‐order which guarantees the quality of all the food we serve. Unlike other Asian restaurants, we don’t use any MSG in our cooking and instead only use all‐natural, fresh ingredients from the local market. To top it all off, our company has been using the same experienced chefs for more than a decade, which ensures that you will always get the same genuine cuisine each time you dine in or takeout.​

Locally Owned

Viet Pho is locally owned

Benefiting Our Community

Viet Pho has always been locally owned and operated, and it is best known for its delicious, healthy food and friendly staff. We frequently give back to our community, and we're proud to provide some of the best Vietnamese cuisine around.


Staying True To Our Roots

We know that traditional Vietnamese cooking is greatly admired for its fresh ingredients, minimal use of oils, and reliance on herbs and vegetables, so we've made sure to incorporate all of these respected principles into each of our dishes.


Viet Pho is locally owned

Appealing To All Five Senses

By using a perfectly balanced combination of fresh herbs, savory meats, and a selective use of spices to reach a fine taste, our Vietnamese food provides an elegant harmony of flavors that all your seneses will enjoy.


Spectacular Service

Viet Pho is locally owned

Appreciating Our Customers

We're pleased to see that your interested in Viet Pho, Nevada's premium choice for authentic Vietnamese cuisine. We are committed to providing our customers with the best food and service possible, so visit one of our locations today and see for yourself.